Egyptian god names for cats

egyptian god names for cats

Here are some unique, ancient, and meaningful Egyptian names given to cats. Kiwu: Obese Mau: Cat Merit: Much-loved. Meskenrit: Egyptian birth goddess. Egyptian Siamese cat names offer some truly unique monikers that are worthy of your Amisi, Flower, implying beauty, Ahmenhotep, Pleasing to the God Amen. Egyptian Cat God Names In the collection below you will find all sorts of Egyptian god cat names perfect for your little feline. The most famous is. Click here to learn how to care for and raise a well-adjusted cat. The lion devoured the enemies of the gods and tipico app herunterladen them. With the combined powers of regeneration and royalty, Amun became linked to the goden gate and the great god RAbecoming known as Amun-Rawhich pretty much consolidated his status as supreme god. He was the chief god, King of the Gods, not unlike his counterparts ZEUS and Odin. Amenti was the goddess egyptian god names for cats the land of the west. Sometimes depicted as a bull, and therefore possessing solar qualities, and sometimes depicted with a falcon head, in either case, Menthu was buch symbol god of war and retribution. Cats of course were the most sacred of all animals to the Egyptians, but the black cat was particularly sacred to Bast. Sekhmet, the warrior lioness goddessthe "Powerful One". The Fact Sheet frankfurt kiel many facts and fascinating pieces of interesting information, history, mythology and legends about the deities and Cat Cache leeren mac safari of ancient Egypt. Check Out the Distinct Personality of the Snowshoe Siamese Cat. Egyptian cat god names such as Bastet and Mafdet are commonly chosen. Wilkinson, The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt London: Naturally this meant he ruled the field of herbs and drugs. Egyptian Siamese Cat Names Female Name Meaning Male Name Meaning Aisha Peaceful Alu Childlike Amisi Flower, implying beauty Ahmenhotep Pleasing to the God Amen Banafrit Lovely soul Anok Fero Pharaoh Djabenusiri Venus Anok Sabe Wise Djeserit Holy soul Baraka A blessing Ebe Wonderful Benipe Strong as iron Ebio Honey colored or sweet Buikhu Best Emuishere Kitten Kahotep Peaceful Esho Hog Kamenwati Black rebel Harere Another word for flower Kemnebi Panther Hebony Black Khenti One who leads Irisi From the Goddess Isis Kufu One of the pharaohs Kepi Tempestuous Menetnashte Powerful Kiwu Obese Mkhai Fighter Merit Much loved Mshai Wanderer Meskenrit Egyptian birth goddess Nebtawi Lord Mie Egyptian cat god Nomti Strong Miu Gentle Odji Evil Nafre Good Panahasi Barbarian Nafretiri Beautiful Rasui Dreamer Nafrini bringer of beauty Remmao Wealthy Nebit Leopard-like Shalam Egyptian greeting Odjit Naughty Shushu Boastful Seshafi Angry or ornery Sokkwi Foolish Shainefer Bringer of luck Uro A King Woserit Strong woman Wati Rebellious. Indeed, he was the first and greatest of all magicians, said to create miracles from nothing by the mere vibrations of his voice alone. If this wasn't incestuous enough, she had an affair with her other brother OSIRIS , which resulted in the birth of ANUBIS. Calico Cat Names Gallery. egyptian god names for cats He lives in the Duat. If your cat is one of those tough as nails, street-fighting types with the battle scars to prove it, perhaps he should try this name on for size. GEB, KEB, SEB; Male: Egyptian culture n practices n beliefs are absolutely one of the most interesting people to learn n study about. Whilst there are many cat goddesses, Bastet is the only one represented as a domestic cat. Several temples were dedicated to her, and each was home to countless cats which were treated as literal incarnations of the goddess.

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Top 10 EGYPTIAN Gods and Goddesses As Bast , she was the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt , the Nile River delta region, before the unification of the cultures of ancient Egypt. Well, Set was also the god of hunger. Another good name for a mother cat, Heket was the midwife for the daily birth of the sun. So it was that the Pharaohs were considered her children and therefore gods themselves. Some cats are extremely smart.

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